David Rossi: They say that good things happen to good people. Today is one of those days, and these are two of those people. We love you. 

Will LaMontagne Jr.: Cheers.

Aaron Hotchner: Cheers. 

Spencer Reid: Cheers.

Aaron Hotchner: Dave wants to know if everyone is free tomorrow night. 

Derek Morgan: Well, it depends on if he’s buying. Then I’m definitely in. 

Emily Prentiss: Yeah, me, too. 

Penelope Garcia: [lifts her hand]

Spencer Reid:[gives a thumbs up]

Aaron Hotchner: Did you hear that? We’re in. 

Derek Morgan: We didn’t finish the inspection. 

Emily Prentiss: No need.

Spencer Reid: What happened? 

Emily Prentiss: Um, there is a horizontal crack in the foundation. It just weakens the entire base that the house is sitting on. 

Spencer Reid: The convention’s still happening tomorrow, if you want to go. 

Penelope Garcia: Um, that whole city-on-the-brink-of-destruction thing kind of took the wind out of my sails, you know? 

Emily Prentiss: Their timeline suggests they were both destructive before they met. 

Erin Strauss: So, we’re talking about ex-military turning on their country. 

Emily Prentiss: It’s rare, but soldiers become disenfranchised no matter what the nationality, and if he met someone like-minded at that time, there’d be no stopping them. 

Aaron Hotchner: So, you’re thinking they met during the civil unrest in Chad in ‘08. 

Spencer Reid: Yeah and one or both of them are pilots. 

Emily Prentiss: So, if Garcia concentrates on that region, specifically weapons running in and out of Libya, there’s a good chance we’ll find their paths crossed. 

Spencer Reid: So, why didn’t they take all the money? 

Derek Morgan: They were a man down, and they had to get out in a hurry. 

Emily Prentiss: But for her, today was less about the money and more about the spectacle. 

Derek Morgan: Everything they’ve said and done was for a reason, but what doesn’t make any sense is she switched the negotiation demand. Chris wanted to go to Switzerland. She changed it to Chad. 

Emily Prentiss: They also requested a private plane, but no mention of a pilot. 

Spencer Reid: Guys, if you think about it, even the dates mean something. In 2004, while she was wreaking havoc abroad, he was dishonorably discharged. In 2008, they likely met in Chad, and now this in 2012. 

Derek Morgan: Okay, so is it a coincidence that those are all election years and they attacked DC? Maybe this is a political statement. 

Emily Prentiss: No. It’s more personal than that. It’s their story. 

Derek Morgan: What?

Emily Prentiss: All of the details are a part of their story.

Emily Prentiss: Okay, do me a favor. Keep going to where Will walks in. Okay, now watch him… and then look at her. Her partner was in there the whole time, just not in the way that we thought. They shot this whole thing like a home movie. 

Spencer Reid: He could’ve been killed. 

Derek Morgan: No, she wouldn’t let that happen. 

Kevin Lynch: What the hell are they doing?

Derek Morgan: It’s all part of their plan. 

Spencer Reid: They’ve created scenarios that are practically impossible to survive. When they make it, it’s the ultimate high. 

Kevin Lynch: Like an adrenaline junkie. 

Aaron Hotchner: Did Easter have any insight? 

Emily Prentiss: A woman they called Lady X stole a sedan from Scotland Yard eight years ago. The investigation concluded she was a trained assassin. She disappeared. 

David Rossi: So Lady X and Queen of Diamonds is the same person? 

Emily Prentiss: It sounds like it. 

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, look at assassination attempts around the civil unrest in Chad. 

Spencer Reid: If she was a hired gun, she was likely taking orders from someone. 

Jennifer Jareau: Maybe she’s still working for the same guy now. He’s still pulling the strings. 

Aaron Hotchner: Or maybe she’s found her equal. 

Emily Prentiss: Their obsession with killing and domination has culminated in what we’ve seen today. 

Spencer Reid: Getting off on the disaster they’ve created— classic symphorophiliacs. 

Derek Morgan: Then, this isn’t over.